With each version of RJ mapping has played a large role in the mod, from the new camera system to the work on the campaigns to the RJ style maps to even new custom maps. This does not change in version 1.06, instead expanding upon it tremendously. With this update, we'll be focusing on everything skirmish-map wise that will be included in the upcoming release on March, 7th, 2009.

With the previous mapping update we focused on the work done by the mapping team. Make sure that you read through that updated HERE to see multiple screens and credit for all the mapping work that has been done. This update is just a quick visual guide to all the maps with the camera system, working AI for MotE, Rohan, & Arnor.

There are a few types of maps that have been included - custom maps made from scratch, converted BFME1 maps, the seven RJ maps that mix BFME1 & 2, maps converted from campaign maps, and finally maps from BFME2/RotWK where the camera system has been edited, farm templates adjusted, and AI for the new factions has been added. (credit to Rohara from gamereplays.org for the base of the converted maps - redone for RJ). Every shot listed in this visual guide is an in-game shot during gameplay. When in the skirmish menu, any map that was not included in the original RotWK will be marked with an asterisk(*). So sit back and enjoy the preview of all the Middle-Earth Locations that you can explore like never before.

Custom Maps
Brethil Cair Andros - Dawnless Day Combe Valley Dimrill Dale Dol Amroth Eastfold Hobbiton
Lake Evedim Lanthir Lamath Minas Tirith Scaled Osgiliath Swanflet Tolfalas

In the order as listed above:
Brethil, Cair Androws (Dawnless Day), Combe Valley, Dimrill Dale, Dol Amroth, Eastfold, Hobbiton, Lake Evendim, Lanthir Lamath, Scaled Minas Tirith, Osgiliath, Swan Fleet, Tolfalas
** Lonely Mountain and Far Harad are not yet listed, but should be included.

BFME1 Converted
Anorien Central Ithilien Crossroads Druadan Forest Dunharrow East Emnet Eastern Rohan
Easfold - EA Eaves of Fangorn Emyn Arnen Emyn Muil Harondor Lebennin Mirkwood
Northern Ithilien Nurn Pelargir West Emnet West Fold Wold

In the order as listed above:
Anorien, Central Ithilien, Crossroads, Druadan Forest, Dunharrow, East Emnet, Eastern Rohan, Eastfold, Eaves of Fangorn, Emyn Arnen, Emyn Muil, Harondor, Lebennin, Mirkwood, Northern Ithilien, Nurn, Pelargir, West Emnet, West Fold, Wold

Campaign Converted Maps
Amon Hen Caras Galadhon Deadman's Dike Lake Town

In the order as listed above:
Amon Hen, Caras Galadhon, Deadman's Dike, Lake-Town

RJ Maps
Anorien RJ Belfalas Cair Andros Dunharrow RJ
Ford's of Isen Mouths of the Entwash Old Brown Lands

In the order as listed above:
Anorien, Belfalas, Cair Andros, Dunharrow, Fords of Isen, Mouths of the Entwash, Old Brown Lands

BFME2 and RotWK Maps
amon_sul anfalas angmar black_gate buckland dagorlad dead_marshes
dol_guldur ettenmoors evendim_ea fangorn grey_havens grey_mountain harad
harlindon harlond helms_deep minas_morgul minas_tirith mount_doom nanduhirion
rhun shire stonewain_valley tower_hills weathertop withered_heath

In the order as listed above:
Amon Sul Ruins, Angalas, Angmar, Black Gate, Buckland, Dagorlad, Dead Marshes, Dol Guldur, Ettenmoors, Evendim, Fangorn, Grey Havens, Grey Mountains, Harad, Harlindon, Harlond, Helm's Deep, Minas Morgul, Minas Tirith, Mount Doom, Nanduhirion, Rhun, Shire, Stonewain Valley, Tower Hills, Weathertop, Withered Heath