BFME1 - Revisted
An exciting new convergence of the BFME2 and BFME2 gamestyles

So what is BFME1 Revisited?

This new gameplay style came about as part of the conversion of the BFME1 campaign maps. For some of those maps I wanted to be able to have the castles and camps of the original BFME1 maps, so I set about ensuring all of the castle base files were intact. While the files were there, they did not function as well as I'd like and I wanted to create new bases for pretty much everyone except for Gondor (MotW) and Rohan.

As I was putting some of the bases together, I really had a desire to make some single-player and multi-player skirmish maps with the new bases as well as the campaign maps that they were originally intended for. I wanted to also add my own twist to the maps, so instead of building the bases with the building plots, the bases are now more of a shell. You still have your porters, but you can build anywhere inside of the base. This also forced a re-write of the AI bases (70+ just for the castles and the AI), which is also complete with the first release.

So, to get the basics of how to play these maps:

1) You will start the map with the base for the faction that you selected. Each faction has their own base, and they all can be AI controlled.
2) In this base, there are two building ranges.
----The outer range spreads a little outside of the base, allowing for a ring of money producing buildings as well as the Ent Moots for now.
----The inner range is about the size of your camp. Most of the buildings can only be built within the walls/fences of your base.
3) VERY IMPORTANT!! The map currently is based on the idea that if you lose your fortress, you lose the game. For this reason, all of the fortresses have an armor improvement only for these maps.
4) That is the basic idea at this moment. Just build your base and attack.

As I work through any of the bugs and decide how I'm going to handle command points, outposts, starting units, etc. I'll update this guide. (I'm liking the idea of outlying buildings that you must capture to gain bonuses. I like having fixed areas of contention on the map).

As for the maps. The Fords of Isen is currently available (with ring heroes). Among the maps I plan on including:
Mouth of the Entwash
The Brown Lands

If there are any maps you want to see converted, head on over to the forums and let me know. Or if you would like to design a map for me to include, let me know in the forums.

So head on over to the bases page to view each factions base. These will be updated/improved over time as I fine tune them or in Arnor's case, create their own unique base.