Amon Hen

Amon Hen, Watchtower for Gondor in ages past - Act III
Playable by: Aragorn & Fellowship

Brief Description:
Continuing their quest, the Fellowship is amushed in Amon Hen as they decide which path to take to Mordor. Here the Fellowship is broken as Frodo and Sam continue the quest alone and the Uruks have captured Merry and Pippin. You must keep Frodo, Sam, Gandalf, Aragorn, Gimli, & Legolas alive. Rescue Boromir if you can.

Converted from the BFME1 campaign, survive the Isengard onsault near the ruins on Amon Hen. The region that this used to be on the living world map was The Brown Lands. You will be allowed to move only from Lothlorien to Amon Hen. The level of difficulty has been increased, with more uruks joining the battle as well as wargs. Not much of the gameplay has changed as I think this one of the best maps EA has done, so the integrity of it has remained the same. As with all of the maps, subtitles have been added in English to provide a richer experience.

Region Bonus:
+3 Power Points