The Eastfold of Rohan - Act III
Playable by: Éomer (as of today - the map will be updated with different missions when fought with other heroes)

Brief Description:
The Westfold has been razed by the wildmen and now they turn on the Eastfold. Éomer must ride forth and stop them and the Uruk-Hai returning from Amon Hen. Defend the three villages and do not let all the buildings from one of the villages be destroyed. You must also keep Éomer alive or the Eastfold is forever lost.

The region that this used to be on the living world map was Rohan. The map is the old BFME1 map, but other than that the mission is completely new. The objective as stated above is to keep the villages intact as waves of wildemn converge onto the Eastfold. Éomer rides forth with the Rohirrim loyal to him to save the land. After the waves of wildmen are destroyed, a large contingent of Uruk-Hai arrive as they travel back to Isengard from Amon Hen. As a bonus, at one point you will see Merry and Pippin being escorted by Isengard as they travel east. As with all of the maps, subtitles have been added in English to provide a richer experience.

New Units/Heroes:
You may now play as the Rohan faction with the buildings and units from BFME1.

Region Bonus:
20% Resource