Eaves of Fangorn

The Eaves of the Fangorn Forest - Act IV
Playable by: All heroes (You will start off with Rohirrim and Rohirrim Archers and your hero will come in 10 minutes later)

Brief Description:
The Uruk-Hai, Goblins, and Mordor Orcs have brought Merry and Pippin the the very edge of Fangorn Forest on they journey to Isengard. Before the evil troops can escape, they are spotted by a Group of rohirrim that call for help. Destroy all evil forces as you cleanse the land from their filth. Free Merry and Pippin as well as enlisting the nearby Ents..

The region that this used to be on the living world map was the Gap of Rohan. Converted from the BFME1 campaign. Detroy the forces of Mordor and Isengard within the region. The mission has not been changed too dramatically from BFME1. At least it should feel very similar. A short introduction has been added with Merry and Pippin. Instead of Éomer arriving with reinforcements, whichever hero you chose will arrive with reinforcements. The mission has been updated and playable with builders. As with all of the maps, subtitles have been added in English to provide a richer experience.

Region Bonus:
10% Resource