Helm's Deep

The Siege of Helm's Deep - Act V
Playable by: All (The first of the big maps. The mission is scripted for any combination of heroes)

Brief Description:
Isengard marches on the forces of Rohan. King Théoden has called all forces within the Hornburg to stand as a last defense to the thousands of orcs marching on Helm's Deep. Defend the fortress long enough for reinforcements to arrive.

Converted from the BFME1 campaign. This is the first of the major maps to be converted to the new style of campaign. Make sure King Théoden and Éowyn are included in the battle in order to "unlock" them for use. Defend Helm's Deep with any combination of heroes. Follow the path of the book, with Aragorn defending and Éomer arriving as reinforcements, or defend with Dáin and have Elrond arrive to reinforce. The choice is up to you.

New Heroes/Units:
Gamling begins the mission on your side as he leads the defense of Helm's Deep.
The Rohan Royal Guard is by Gamling's side to defend the Hornburg.
Erkenbrand arrives with the reinforcements.

Region Bonus:
+10 Power Points