Iron Hills

The Dwarven Mines of the Iron Hills - Act VII
Playable by: Dáin (as of today - the map will be updated with different missions when fought with other heroes)

Brief Description:
Evil has begun to spread through the east, reaching the mines of Iron Hills. Glóin, the father of Gimli, is about to return from his trip to Rivendell just as the region erupts into warfare as the goblins begin to lay siege. Defend the mines from the goblin army and the drakes, but beware of the drummer trolls calling forth ancient dwarven banes.

The map is from BFMEII, but has been reworked and completely scripted for a massive siege. Defend and save what you can as an unrelenting Goblin army attacks. Glóin arrives after a wyrm has been unleashed upon the dwarves. They must hold out for King Dáin II Ironfoot to arrive with reinforcements. Do not let the giant drummer trolls reach the gates.

Region Bonus:
+10% Resource
+10% Experience