The Elven Woods of Lothlorien - Act II
Playable by: Aragorn & Fellowship

Brief Description:
After the defeat of the Balrog, the Fellowship seeks refuge in the land of Lothlorien. Here they will aid Haldir, Celeborn, and Galadriel in defending the Elven homeland from the Moria goblin invaders. As with the Mines of Moria, you must keep all of the fellowship alive, lose but one member and all is lost.

Converted from the BFME1 cmapaign, survive the attack on Lothlorien with a few major differences. The level of difficulty has been drastically increased. You can no longer fall asleep during the mission. The order of the waves and the direction from which they come is no longer set, but may play differently each time. As with all of the maps, subtitles have been added in English to provide a richer experience.

New Heroes/Units:
Haldir, Celeborn, and Galadriel are temporarily available for player control in the defense of Lothlorien. Once the mission is complete, they will stay in their homeland until they are needed elsewhere.

Region Bonus:
+10% Attack