Rhudaur and the Angle - Act VII
Playable by: All (This is the first of the skirmish maps that follows the BFME2 style gameplay, but depending on which hero you choose you will have access to that hero's porters and buildings)

Brief Description:
Goblins infest much of the wild areas of middle-earth, especially in the West. They now fill Rhudaur and the Angle. Three camps have been erected that need to be destroyed. Help the last remaining Dúnedain to cleanse the region of the vermin, but be wary of the hill trolls and spiderlings throughout the region.

A completely new scripted mission. The map is the Rise of the Witch King map for Rhudaur. Destroy the goblin camps and save the Dúnedain from the hill trolls. Keep your eyes open for Bilbo's Trolls from the Hobbit to add flavor to the region.

Region Bonus:
+10% Attack