Welcome to the beta Campaign for the RJ-RotWK.
To all of those who have played and provided feedback - thank you.

As an introduction, this campaign was created because when BFMEII came out, myself and those I play with REALLY missed the campaign style from BFME1 - (semi non-linear with great battles and maps.) The campaign could be replayed so many times with infinite possibilties - almost. I loved getting AotD before fighting Minas Tirith (talk about easy), or getting two armies full of Level 10 archers to make Black Gate a piece of cake but the rest of the game a challenge.

So the first step in creating this campaign was to do the first release of the mod. I had to bring the stats all in line with what I wanted as well as a few other items. (As this was my first attempt at modding, the learning currve was...fun). Level 10 units absolutely had to come back. Well that piece is 95+% of the way completed, so I've now spent a LOT of time creating the campaign I always wanted to play within BFMEII and now Rise of the Witch-King.

The idea is this: You have 4 hero armies - Aragorn, Eomer, Elrond, & Dain within a custom WoTR Historical Campaign. Each one represents a faction: (Aragorn - Gondor, Eomer - Rohan, Elrond - Elves, Dain - Dwarves.) In this campaign you have control over all four factions (yes, a Rohan is back in.) Depending on which army you use, you will have the buildings, units for the battle. Think - defend Minas Tirith exactly the same as in the BFME1 Campaign - Gondor and then Rohan. Or mix it up and defend with Elves and reinforce with Dwarves, or why not use all 4 factions for one crazy batttle. There will also be a new spellbook for the campaign, but plus special powers/items/units/heroes that you will be able to gain from certain maps. (For example, I'm working on granting Aragorn army the Palantir power if he is the army that destroys Isengard. New heroes are granted on specific maps and mini-hero hordes that sta with your army are obtainable in their own maps. Another power/item is granted once destroying a dragon in the north, etc.)

Anyway, this was all a pain in the neck, but I got it all to work. I've completed 10 maps 95+% of the way and wanted to release/update the campaign primarily to gain feedback from everyone and see what everyone thinks of the mod. The maps that are done are:
Moria - From BFME1 (balanced and increased difficulty)
Lothlorien - From BFME1 (With a slew of new surprises)
Amon Hen - From BFME1 (balanced against the stats of BFME2 heroes)
Eastfold - BFME1 map, but completely re-scripted
Eaves of Fangorn - From BFME1 (same concept, but changed to match the new gameplay/heroes)
Helm's Deep - From BFME1 - redesigned to handle the new gameplay and the variety of ways to play the map
Rivendell - BFME2 campaign, modified to be within the campaign
Isengard - From BFME1 - Scripted to handle this new campaign
Rhudaur - BFME2 map, but scripted into the campaign - This one specifically is created to show how to use all of the different factions.
Iron Hills - BFME2 map, but scripted into the campaign

I've already done a LOT of work on the following maps even though they are not yet included:
Minas Tirith
Cair Andros
Black Gate
Dol Guldor
Grey Havens
and a few others.

The videos and audio from the campaign work, but the files are too large to upload anywhere so I've given instructions to add them if you have BFME1.

Lastly, PLEASE provide feedback. It is VERY time-consuming to create/convert these maps and finish this campaign and nothing is more appreciated than hearing either positive or negative feedback. This is a one-man team here. While there is a level of difficultly, but it is mostly time consuming.

If anyone has maps they would like to donate to the campaign, you can e-mail or contact me at rob.n.karla@hotmail.com. (I will take submissions for any map that is not included in the BFME1 or BFME2 campaign.) Once you e-mail me with the desire to submit, I will let you know what specifications you have to meet. While new maps are terrific, I would also like to see existing EA's WotR maps scripted.)

Thank you for playing and above all, have fun!